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Alan Donawa

Mr. Alan Donawa is from the twin-island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and currently works in the corporate travel industry.

He is fluent in Spanish, French and Portuguese having received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Language and Linguistics from the University of The West Indies (UWI), St Augustine.

Alan is no stranger to the arts. During his time at UWI, he took part in many theatrical productions. He has a special passion for Caribbean folk music including traditional parang, soca and chutney. These are all genres emanating from Trinidad and Tobago. Indeed these musical art forms were the foundation of his studies in Ethnomusicology. He is a longtime member of the parang band, Los Parranderos de UWI, and has performed for many audiences in Trinidad and Tobago and in the region. His skills in playing the box bass are evident. He has also written original compositions including ‘Recordemos’, which is featured in the group’s 25th Anniversary Album “Vamos a Celebrar”.