Roberto Ransom – Operations Director for the Hunt Institute for Global Competitiveness

Roberto Ransom is the Operations Director for the Hunt Institute for Global Competitiveness, where he oversees the institute’s projects ensuring that tasks and resources advance according to objectives and guidelines. Roberto provides efficient use of resources and management to strengthen regional and binational cooperation for the institute.

In previous roles, Roberto established a keen working knowledge of the Paso del Norte Region through developing, directing, and administering businesses outreach efforts in recruitment, retention, and expansion. These efforts contributed to the strong economic growth of the Southern New Mexico’s Borderplex region, generating hundreds of jobs and attracting numerous industries by developing close and lasting partnerships with businesses owners from small, medium, and large companies.

Subsequently, Roberto enjoyed working at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), first, in envisioning and building the success of the UTEP Centennial Year project for the Office of the President, and then, in implementing  and administering the nation’s first Department of Engineering Education and Leadership in the College of Engineering.