Santa Barbara, California – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Santa Barbara, and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, have had a sister city relationship for 48 years – starting in 1972. Their long lasting relationship has had fruitful projects and exchanges during their time as sister cities, and continually prove to this day that their relationship is as strong as ever, from educational programs to health initiatives. 


In the past, the Santa Barbara and Puerto Vallarta relationship has had a variety of interactions to improve each others’ communities. They have jointly supported the Puerto Vallarta Rehabilitation Clinic since the 1980’s as well as the Volcanes/Puerto Vallarta Sewing School, supported the Tomatlan Health Clinic, had 19 years of Law Enforcement Exchanges and supported the Puerto Vallarta Police Academy,and have had partnership with the International Firefighters Training Association (IFTA). In addition to this, they’ve had 14 years of support for the I. Madonnari Street painting festival in Santa Barbara, and also helped to start the same festival in Puerto Vallarta. They are actively supporting the Sister Cities International Young Artists and Author Showcase (YAAS) and also hold Annual Adult Visitation Exchanges between both Santa Barbara and Puerto Vallarta. 


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However, even with all of these activities, they cease to be complacent and acted upon another urgent matter that the entire world has been faced with – the novel Coronavirus, or COVID-19.


The Santa Barbara, CA and Puerto Vallarta, México Sister Cities and the Rotary Club of Santa Barbara North assisted the Volances Food Bank in Puerto Vallarta during their COVID-19 crisis. In April, the two Sister Cities and the Rotary Club of Santa Barbara made a generous donation of $10,740 to the food bank which went towards preparing food bags for 400 families.


This was done through a sense of urgency and appreciation for their sister cities. It was important for the Santa Barbara and Puerto Vallarta Sister Cities to have a continuation of their mission to serve different sectors of their communities. 


The Santa Barbara, Puerto Vallarta Sister Cities ask for support and involvement through donations. 


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