“Sister Cities Berlin:LA” – A Visual Perspective

Photographer Marc Gruninger’s latest project celebrates sister cities Los Angeles, CA and Berlin, Germany. The project was born out of the photographer’s love for the two sister cities “They are the most perfect pair of sister cities I can think of,” he said.

While living in Los Angeles for seven years, he got to know the city by exploring through photography. He began compiling the photos for a personal project before moving to Berlin in early 2013. He continued taking photos in Berlin, capturing all aspects of the city through his lens. Mr. Gruninger then decided to synthesize his personal projects into one series, “Sister Cities Berlin:LA.” 

Although the two cities are very different, after spending time in both places he found there are several nuanced similarities. Mr. Gruninger noted that both cities have lively art scenes. Daily outdoor activities in Los Angeles surround the sunshine, including biking, skateboarding, and surfing. In Berlin, bike riding is a significant form of transport and daily life. Mr. Gruninger remarked that the two cities are like big melting pots, with a huge Mexican community in Los Angeles and a Turkish one in Berlin. He also observed that both have a sort of rawness and grit to them, with the history of World War II and the Cold War in Berlin, and issues of poverty in Los Angeles. 

The photos capture several unique impressions of each city. Cultural and physical landscapes are featured throughout the photoset, including images of transportation, youth, and landmarks. To see the full photo set, please visit www.sistercitiesberlinla.info.